10th Class Result BISE Gujranwala Board 2020

We knew you came here searching for 10th class result BISE Gujranwala Board 2020. You will be glad to know, that you landed on the right spot. This is the place where you can know 10th class result of all the Punjab Boards.

Have your ever imagined what will be life without exams? No doubt, the quick answer will be wonderful. But if you sit and ponder for a moment of time, you might come to the point by saying exams are essential. Without exams, there will be no tensions in our lives. Ultimately, without anticipation there is no happiness.

Exams is the time, when student work to their maximum effort to extract something good from studies. Result provides the opportunity of feeling that pleasure. You can feel this happiness more, when its your first big exam. 10th class result stands as a bridge between you and your desire college.

Usually, academic calendar goes in this way; You work hard, take your exams in March, and then wait three months for the result. In 2020, before March we were expecting same things. But who knows about the future.

Things got a drastic turn when government of Pakistan decided to announce delay in all the exams due to prevailing health condition. Unlike 9th class students, who were giving their first proper board exams, 10th grade students were fortunate enough to completely take their exams. Only practical exams got a halt. Before March the result was in the last week of July but that doesn’t occur.

10th Class 2020 of All Punjab Boards 
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Rawalpindi Board 10th Class Result 2020Faisalabad Board 10th Class Result 2020
Gujranwala Board 10th Class Result 2020Sargodha Board 10th Class Result 2020
Bahawalpur Board 10th Class Result 2020Sahiwal Board 10th Class Result 2020
DG Khan Board 10th Class Result 2020FBISE 10th Class Result 2020

10th class result BISE Gujranwala Board 2020:

Under the light of a massive confusion regarding the result, the all Punjab Board secretaries agreed on something good. They said, they will announce result properly but a bit late. Source say that Gujranwala Board 10th class result will be three or even four weeks late. So, now you can expect result in mid of August rather than at the end of July.

How to check 10th class result BISE Gujranwala Board 2020 by Roll No:

Gujranwala is third largest city of Punjab. It is famous for its wrestlers, and That’s why it is called ‘City of Pehlwaans’. But besides extra-ordinary in wrestling, people especially students are also keen in studies. Over 100,000 students appear in Matriculation exams appear every year from Gujranwala Board. This number is expected to be more this year.

How you can check your 10th class result? There are two ways, an little easy one, and a little less easy one. BISE Gujranwala, officially, make an announcement 15 days or one month before the result regarding the date. Then, on the result day they make their result link live. You can visit them to check your result. However, there is a second way.

  • Visit 10thclassresultpk
  • Search Bise Gujranwala Result.
  • Type your Roll No.
  • Have a look at your detailed marks sheet.

Result date: Not announced yet.

Result time: 10:00am

Click here to check 10th class result BISE Gujranwala Board 2020.


Gujranwala Board 10th Class Result 2020

How to check 10th class result BISE Gujranwala Board 2020 by Name:

Gujranwala is different from many other Boards of Punjab, in term of providing result via name. It came into being in 1976 as a branch from Lahore Board. Officially, they don’t give any formal opportunity to check 10th class result by name. However, there officially gazette is out more quickly than any other BISE of Punjab. You can download the gazette and check the result by name.

There is another way to check the result BISE GRW result 2020 result by name. But for this you have to wait three or four days after the result. With the help of official gazette 10thclasspk will upload this on their serve, and let you search with your name. The second method is effective but awaiting.

How to check 10th class result BISE Gujranwala Board 2020 by SMS:

Like all other Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Gujranwala Board has an SMS portal that provide students an opportunity to check their result through SMS. For checking your result, enter your Bise Gujranwala Roll No, as a subject. Then, send this SMS to 800295. Shortly you will receive an SMS containing your 10th class marks.



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