10th Class Result 2020


Yes, it is July 25, and the 10th class result of 2020 has been announced. You can check all board 10th class result here. In Pakistan, after 12 years of study, matriculation is the first high-level exam that a student goes through. Matriculation Result determines which college and ultimately which university you’re going to join. Matric paper takes place in March. Student burns their midnight oil to secure high marks. When the month of July comes, it brings with itself, pleasant memories for those who worked hard.

All over Pakistan, different boards of intermediate and secondary education governs these exams. Matriculation exams are also commonly called SSC exams. These SSC exams have two parts. SSC Part 1, commonly known as 9th class and SSC Part 2 commonly known as the 10th. The result of both parts come on different there. As on July 25 at 10:00, the result of the 10th class will be announced, and the 9th class result will be published in the last week of August.

There is 9 Board of intermediate and secondary education in Punjab. In KPK, there are also eight boards that control the examination. Sindh has six and Baluchistan 5 boards of Intermediate and secondary education. While Islamabad Capital Territory has its own separate board, so, all these boards make a total figure of 27.

Every year hundreds of thousands of students take the matriculation exams. In 2019, in Lahore board alone, the 227,221 students appeared in the exams, out of which over 163,000 got passed. The same is the case with all other boards of Punjab. In KPK and Sindh boards, the number is not such significant. A still good number of students take the exam—the usual pass percentage in matric results around 60-70%.

For Matriculation exams 2020, more than 1 million students from all boards of Punjab appeared in the exams. All of these will be waiting for the result. The Board of Intermediate and Secondary education of Punjab include.

10th Class Result 2020

10th Class 2020 of All Punjab Boards 
Lahore Board 10th Class Result 2020Multan Board 10th Class Result 2020
Rawalpindi Board 10th Class Result 2020Faisalabad Board 10th Class Result 2020
Gujranwala Board 10th Class Result 2020Sargodha Board 10th Class Result 2020
Bahawalpur Board 10th Class Result 2020Sahiwal Board 10th Class Result 2020
DG Khan Board 10th Class Result 2020FBISE 10th Class Result 2020

All these boards of Punjab have their own official sites. The Matric result on 10:00 is are displayed on the official sites of every board. Usually, the board officials start uploading the result one night before the result. The official website of some boards goes into the offline phase when the result is being uploaded. It is a gesture for the student that tomorrow is the result day. Suddenly, at 10:00 am, the website shows up. This is the time when you can search your Roll no and see the outcome of your efforts.

Usually, there was the only single source of seeing the result, but now you can see your result on different other websites as well. The announcement of Position holders has been made one night before the official result.

Methods of Checking Result:  

The standard and easiest way of checking the result is to go and search the “10th class result”, type your Roll no, and Boom. But besides, checking the result with Roll no, there are other options available after different times.

For example, for the Sargodha board, you can check the result with name and institute code after one day of the official announcement. This is very helpful, as you can quickly check the results of your family cousin or any of your friends. You can also check the result of your fellows studying with you, and can compare their marks with yours.

Besides, checking the result with Roll no, a gazette has been issued for every board. This gazette contains the name of all the students who appeared in the exams and their respective scores. Back in the days when the internet was not that much popular, the most common method of looking at the result was to use gazette. Nowadays, gazette comes but in soft copies, from which you can easily find your or any of your friends your Roll no.

The Third and Last method is through SMS. You just have to send your Roll no in the subject to 80092 for all Punjab boards, and for the Federal, board sends it to 5050. As soon as a result is out, you will receive an SMS with your name, marks, and detailed subject marks written.

Since at the result time, many students are worried about just thinking about the result. They want the result to be out as early as possible. But the board takes the proper time to make sure that they are not a single mistake in the checking, uploading, and exhibition of the result. It is due to this reason results take almost four months to be announced.


Board of Intermediate and Secondary education Lahore. BISE LAHORE MATRIC RESULT 2020.

Lahore is the biggest City of Punjab, and the same is the case of BISE Lahore. In an act in 1954, this board was established, and it took its first exam in 1955. At that time, this board was responsible for solely governing the examination of all the Punjab.

From Multan to Rawalpindi, all the examinations were governed under the supervision of BISE Lahore. In 1968 and 1976, through different acts, many boards originated to cover the vast number of students. Now, all the nine boards of Punjab share the same common origin.

Now BISE Lahore is controlling the body of Matriculation and Intermediate Examination of four major cities. These Include Lahore, Kasur, Nankana Sahib, and Sheikhupura. It is expected that over 200,000 students appeared in Matriculation exams 2020 only for Lahore Board. The result of the Lahore Board has been released in unanimity with other boards of Punjab on July 25, 2020.   

 The Lahore Board students are very brilliant and perform really well. A good proportion of students score 90%+ marks in Matriculation and Intermediate exams. In the top medical and engineering universities of the country, the majority of students are from Lahore Board. Punjab group of colleges, and Government College University, most secure position in intermediate exams. While for the matriculation exam, the competition is very tough, as a number of schools is immense.

Result Date: July 25, 2020.

Time: 10:00am.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary education Multan, BISE MULTAN MATRIC RESULT 2020.

Multan is a city of Saints. Board of Intermediate and Secondary education Multan, is founded in 1968 to govern secondary and higher secondary school examination of Southern Punjab. In its initial stages, it covers not only all south Punjab but also a significant portion of Baluchistan.

Now Multan is the second biggest Board of Intermediate and Secondary education in Punjab. The cities it covers now are Multan, Vehari, Khanewal, and Lodhran. Almost 100,000 students from the Multan board are expected to put their Roll no and check their Multan Board matric result 2020.

Multan Board 10th class Result is now live. Students can put their Roll, no assigned to them, and see how much they scored in matriculation exams 2020. If they want to see the whole gazette for checking the matric result, they have to wait a little bit.

Moreover, for students for Multan board, the facility to check Matric result 2020 has been opened, students can send an SMS and see their score. If students want to check their Multan board 10th class result 2020 with their names or with the school’s name, they have to wait. After two or three days, the result based on the name of the student and school will be uploaded.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary education Faisalabad. BISE FAISALABAD MATRIC RESULT 2020.

Like all others Punjab BISE, Board of Intermediate and Secondary education Faisalabad is a subdivision of Lahore Board. It was established in 1988, and from then it is performing its duties. The main cities that it covers include Faisalabad, Chiniot, Toba Tek Singh, and Jhangh. The result of the BISE Faisalabad 10th class is on July 25, 2020.

Students from Faisalabad are very brilliant, and this board shows some of the brilliant matriculation results. In 2020 Matriculation results, we’re hoping that students from Faisalabad will see their 10th Class result sharp at 10:00.

For checking BISE Faisalabad 10th class result 2020, checking the result with Roll no facility has been activated. Students interested in getting results on their Mobile phones can also avail the SMS to know the matric results in 2020 by clicking this link. The result based on naming and school classification will be uploaded here as long it is available for the public.  

Board of Intermediate and Secondary education Rawalpindi. BISE RAWALPINDI MATRIC RESULT 2020.

BISE Rawalpindi is the fastest-growing Board of Intermediate and Secondary education. Students from Rawalpindi are scoring very well in matric and intermediate examination. BISE Rawalpindi covers the cities of Attock, Jhelum, Chakwal, and Rawalpindi itself. Rawalpindi is a city full of colleges, and hundreds of thousands of students take the matriculation exam every year.

In Matric exams 2020, a good number of students appeared. All these students can have various platforms to check the 10th class result for 2020. By clicking this link, they will see a page on which students can write their Roll no and check their results. The date that was finalized one month before the BISE Rawalpindi 2020 matric result was July 25.

The BISE Rawalpindi 10th class result 2020 could be announced anywhere between 10:00 to 10:10 am. By using this link, the student will have access to the best way of checking their matric results.  

Board of Intermediate and Secondary education Bahawalpur. BISE BAHAWALPUR MATRIC RESULT 2020.

Originally a Branch of BISE Multan, which originated from Lahore, Board of Intermediate and Secondary education Bahawalpur, covers the whole Bahawalpur division. July 25 is the date of the announcement of the BISE Bahawalpur result. It was founded in 1973, and three cities Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar and Rahim Yar Khan come under its regime.

10th class students from Bahawalpur with the first update with the position holder of Bahawalpur board. Later the generalized 10th class result 2020 will be uploaded. The method of checking the result is to go to the official Bahawalpur Board website. There write the Roll no, that students used to write on their examination sheets. By putting their Roll no, they can see the marks they have scored, also the individual score.

After this Roll no procedure, a few days later, official gazettes of 10th class result 2020 of Bahawalpur board will be uploaded on the official website. This will give the idea of a total number of students appeared in the exams, and how many of them are able to pass.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary education Gujranwala. BISE GUJRANWALAMATRIC RESULT 2020.

Founded in 1976 from Lahore Board, BISE Gujranwala covers a vast majority of areas. The students from Gujranwala, Gujrat, Mandi Bahauddin, Hafizabad, Narowal, and Sialkot take their examination governed by BISE Gujranwala. Usually, BISE Gujranwala announces its 10th class result in July, 9th result in August. 2nd and 1st year result in September and October, respectively.

In 2020, BISE Gujranwala decided to announce the 10th class result on July 25, 2020, if all things happen on time. Students have various ways to access their results. The first and easiest one is to Visit BISE Gujranwala official site and write Roll no, and that’s it. Secondly, you can choose to send a message on the number that BISE Gujranwala has officially provided.

Another way to know about the result is by using another site to access the result. We help students of BISE Gujranwala in their providing their results. If you want to know BISE Gujranwala student, you can access this link to know your 10th class result. 

Board of Intermediate and Secondary education Sargodha. BISE SARGODHA MATRIC RESULT 2020.

Sargodha is known as the City of Eagles. After BISE Lahore and BISE Multan, it is the third board that is founded in 1968. This board is famous for its strict checking. Students from Mianwali, Bhakkar, Sargodha, and Khushab. Those students who have given matriculation exams under the BISE Sargodha regime can check their results on July 25, 2020.

Sargodha Board has a unique system of showing the result. On the first day, they give you an option to check the result with your Roll no. As time passes, BISE Sargodha officially allows you to search your result with name and with institute code.

As soon as BISE Sargodha announces its Position holders, we’ll make sure to update you with that as well. The indicator of the result being uploaded on the BISE Sargodha website is that they made their site offline, and when the result is uploaded, they again make their site live. For checking BISE Sargodha 10th class result 2020 through SMS, you can know the whole procedure here. The best resource to check the site is to browse the BISE Sargodha official website.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary education Sahiwal. BISE SAHIWAL MATRIC RESULT 2020.

BISE Sahiwal is recently becoming a controller of Matriculation and Intermediate examination. In 2012, it was decided to make a new governing body for Okara, Sahiwal, and Pakpattan due to the increasing number of students in these areas. Now, the students that take matriculation and intermediate exams under BISE Sahiwal are increasing very rapidly. The reason for such an increase is the exponential growth of the school in this division.

The students who have participated in BISE Sahiwal matric exams taken in March 2020 can check there result on the BISE Sahiwal official site by writing their exam roll no. Moreover, the SMS facility is also being introduced to check matric results in 2020 for the Sahiwal board. We also provide a resource to all Matric students to check their 2020 matric results. BISE Sahiwal students can also avail of this opportunity as well.

Board of Intermediate and Secondary education D.G Khan. BISE D.G KHAN MATRIC RESULT 2020.

Dera Ghazi Khan Board was established in 1989, but it doesn’t progress as was expected. Board of Intermediate and Secondary education D.G khan, is responsible for coordinating the exams for D.G Khan City, Layyah, Muzaffargarh, and Rajanpur. Hardworking Students from these areas can get to know about their results on July 25, 2020. If all things remain well, students can see their result on 10:00 am.

According to the D.G khan Board, the conditions that caused the delay for 9th class exams will not their result. So, the students of class 9th should expect their result in the last week of August. As far as Matric 2020 result is concerned, we’re hopeful to see this on the expected date.

Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. FBISE MATRIC RESULT 2020.

This intermediate and secondary board is different from all the other boards of Punjab. It is the governing body of a secondary and higher level of education in Islamabad capital territory, Gilgit, and all the garrisons’ schools of Pakistan.

The Date and time of FBISE to take the matriculation and intermediate examination is different from all the boards of Punjab. In 2020, FBISE 10th class result is likely to be announced in the first week of July, while 9th class students will be able to know their results at the end of July. You can check this link or Visit the official FBISE to see your grades.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

When will 10th Class result 2020 be announced?

Before the pandemic, it was expected that 10th Class result 2020 will be out on July 25. But since things have changed. Now, according to sources, Matric result 2020 will be out in mid or End of August.

How can I check my matric result 2020?

To check your Matric Result 2020, either go to your respective board's official website or visit 10thclassresultpk. Type your Roll no, and check your result with detail marks.

Did the 10th class result 2020 be cancelled?

No, the result is not cancelled. In fact, all the Punjab boards are saying that the 10th Class result 2020 will be announced at any cost but with a slight change of schedule.

When the Lahore Board Matric 2020 Result be declared?

Lahore board will announce its Matric 2020 result with all boards of Punjab. The exact date is not out yet, but it is expected either in the mid or end of August 2020.